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Anti Stretch Oil

Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil.

Apply as needed



Lemongrass can be very refreshing and relaxing and is commonly used as an insect repellent.

It has a fresh, clean, citrus aroma and it's oil is yellow to amber in colour. 

Lemongrass oil helps to revive a tired mind and is a great tonic to revitalise the body Read More


Cypress Organic

Steam distilled from the needles and twigs Calming and woody. Toning for the skin

Blends well with lemon, ginger and geranium.


Citronella Organic

Steam distilled from the grass. Uplifting and citrusy Ideal for vapourisation.

Caution:use in moderation on the skin as can be an irriatant.

Blands well with orange lime and peppermint.


Cedarwod Organic

Steam distilled from the wood. Toning and woody. Soothing and antiseptic. Balancing for the skin.


Black Pepper Organic

Steam distilled from the dried, crushed fruit of the pepper vine. Warming and spicy. Eases muscular aches Boosts the body's defences.

Blends well with rose fennel and lavender


Bergamot FYC Organic

Expressed from the citrus fruit's peel. Uplifting and fruity, this eases anxiety and balances the skin. 

Blends well with neroli, frankincense and black pepper.



De-Stress is the natural alternative to cheer and uplift. Our team of experts created this blend to assist, support and offer relief from all of life's eventualities


Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang has a beautiful exotic, heady, floral and sensual aroma. It is great for relaxing and soothing the mind and body and also a well known aphrodisiac.



This blend helps when your energy levels are low.

Energising ginger and clove help a depleted system recuperate, giving you essential support and vitality when you need it most.

A pure essential oil blend which brings renewed vigour for life.

Ideal for vaporisation and can be used diluted on the skin.



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