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Lemongrass can be very refreshing and relaxing and is commonly used as an insect repellent.

It has a fresh, clean, citrus aroma and it's oil is yellow to amber in colour. 

Lemongrass oil helps to revive a tired mind and is a great tonic to revitalise the body Read More


Anti Stretch Oil

Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil.

Apply as needed



Blended with children in mind to calm them when overwrought but this blend is helpful for us all when we need a relaxing aromatherapy hug.


Marjoram, Sweet

Steam distilled from the leaves Warming and herby Eases aching muscles, cramps and overwrought emotional states Blends well with geranium, lavender and clary sage.



Use this blend when you just want to escape your troubles and flop. Exotic ylang ylang is combined with heavenly neroli to transport you t oa place of tranquility. Ideal for vaporisation and can be used diluted on the skin.


Lime Organic

Expressed from the rind of the fruit.  Uplifting and fruity. Gently detoxifying and toning for the skin.  Blends well with peppermint, orange and jasmine.


The Fragrant Mind by Valarie Ann Worwood

Encyclopaedic in scope, and based on the most up-to-date research, "The Fragrant Mind" offers a wealth of information in an easy, accessible style. It shows the way in which essential oils can influence our minds and emotions.

Valerie Ann Worwood's "The Fragrant Pharmacy" has become the classic encyclopaedia of aromatherapy and essential oils. Now, in this companion volume, "The Fragrant Mind", she paves a unique new way for aromatherapy, concentrating on the emotional, psychological and mood-changing effects of nature's essential oils.


Lemon Organic

Expressed from the rind of the fruit.  Uplifting and fruity. Toning and clarifying for the skin.  Blends well with peppermint, rosemary and juniper.



Steam distilled from the resin, extracted from the bark of the tree. Uplifting and fresh, helps deepen breathing Helps to relieve anixety Excellent at rejunvenating the skin. Blends well with lemon, grapefruit and chamomile roman.  


Jasmine Absolute

Extracted from the delicate flowers. Sensual and sweet nourising for the skin Boosts self confidence and sensuality. Blends well with black pepper, bergamot and frankincense.



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