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Basil is a stimulating and clearing oil, useful when concentration is needed or a feeling of tired and sluggish.



Bergamot is strongly anti-septic and uplifting, has a sweet fruity, citrus aroma and is clear in colour.


Bergamot FYC Organic

Expressed from the citrus fruit's peel. Uplifting and fruity, this eases anxiety and balances the skin. 

Blends well with neroli, frankincense and black pepper.


Black Pepper Organic

Steam distilled from the dried, crushed fruit of the pepper vine. Warming and spicy. Eases muscular aches Boosts the body's defences.

Blends well with rose fennel and lavender


Cedarwod Organic

Steam distilled from the wood. Toning and woody. Soothing and antiseptic. Balancing for the skin.


Chamomile Roman

Roman Chamomile has a sweet and fruity warm aroma. It is excellent for dry skin conditions. It is also very soothing and a great oil for headaches, irritability and muscular aches and pains.

5 ml

Cinnamon Leaf

Cinnamon Leaf is a warm, spicy & sweet essential oil. Once regarded as a precious substance, especially in temples as an ingredient in incense.



Many cultures value the medicinal use of the Citronella leaves for stimulation and insect repellents. It is fresh, powerful, lemony in scent and yellowish-brown in colour.


Citronella Organic

Steam distilled from the grass. Uplifting and citrusy Ideal for vapourisation.

Caution:use in moderation on the skin as can be an irriatant.


Clary Sage

The best Clary Sage comes from Russia, which is by far the most important producer, although France often plays a significant role in distribution. We have selected a very high quality oil.


Clove Bud

Clove Bud is sweet, spicy and fruity and is good to reduce the pain of toothache and headaches. Clove bud is also used to invigorate and uplift.



Cypress has a woody aroma and is strongly anti-septic and astringent.


Cypress Organic

Steam distilled from the needles and twigs Calming and woody. Toning for the skin

Blends well with lemon, ginger and geranium.



Eucalyptus Globulus is a wonderfully clearing, camphoraceous essentail oil, that is excellent for colds and chills.


Eucalyptus Organic

Steam distilled from the leaves. Stimulating and expansive Decongesting for the head and sinuses

Blendswell with fennel, pine, frankincense and ravensara.


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