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Wood Personality Type

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A tree is the closest example to the concept of Wood. Beginning from a tiny seed it flourishes as a sapling, its tender shoots heading towards maturity carrying its history with it as it grows its rings of life. In its growing it gives birth again and again to new life. We are of the Elements, therefore we are the Element Wood. When the human being is flourishing, just as the growing tree, the vital energy is strong and clear. The human being grows and is rooted, flexible and strong, carrying the seeds of new life and going through the cycles from season to season.
People who are Wood types usually have olive-coloured skin and are often either tall and angular like trees, or short and energetic like bushes. They have sinewy arms and legs and strong eyebrows or jaws. They can appear aggressive or assertive, direct, and may have a strong temper and show a lot of drive. Wood people usually love nature and have a lot of trees or plants in their environment.
Work and intensity are the values associated with Wood.
Wood provides structure organisation and boundaries. When Wood is out of balance it can be difficult to assert the ‘self’ and plan ahead with one’s own nature in mind.
Likely Behaviours
Need to over-structure, being excessively organised and rigid.
No structure, can't plan ahead or make decisions, disorganized
Supporting the Element
By defining ourselves in the world in relation to work, family, friends etc, so that our core
nature can be expressed and developed through time – ensuring a future direction.
To maintain a healthy WOOD, it is necessary to cultivate an energy that is like the spring.
This involves looking forward in our life and embracing the potential of new growth and development on all levels. It means letting our minds and our bodies flow freely through life, unobstructed by blockages or obstacles.
WOOD means to live and let life flow freely and smoothly.
The following activities help us to promote a healthy WOOD element within:
  • Being giving and loving to others – and gentle as well.
  • Training our minds to promote a natural flowing growth, with development and resolution of ideas or problems from beginning to end.
  • Spending time outside enjoying the greenery of nature.
  • Cleansing our bodies and minds of impurities – perhaps with a cleansing diet or a yoga or tai chi practise.
  • Letting go of any past issues or negativity and embracing the new.

Diet: Chinese diet is a broad subject very worthy of exploring. The Five tastes: Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent/Spicy and Salty are only one way in which food can be classified. It can also be used according to its ‘energetic nature’ i.e. Hot, Warm, Cold, Cool and Natural; or by understanding its direction i.e. Inwards, Outwards, Downwards, Upwards. These qualities can also be affected by the way the food is cooked. Eating habits are very important for proper digestion, so regular meals should be taken with slow and mindful eating, using a variety of food. The quantity of it will also affect how the body processes that food to nourish our body.
Sour is said to be the taste of the Wood Element. Sour foods are blood activators and stagnation eliminators. Sour foods are generally cleansing and detoxifying, helping to tone our system, but when taken in excess may cause over-contraction and over-retention of moisture.
The diet to benefit the WOOD Element means eating plenty of young green leaves and shoots. Sprouted seeds and pulses are ideal as they have a youthful Wood-like energy. The food should be ‘clean’ and ‘light’ so as not to block up the flow of qi, so avoid too many ‘heavy’ foods like dairy or fatty meats. Flavours that benefit Wood are known as ‘sour as they help to circulate the qi and considered to be cleansing.
Wild Rice, Olives, Tomato, Apple, Apricot, Berries, Citrus Fruit, , Aduki Beans, Trout, Cheese, Yoghurt, asparagus, leek, onion, cabbage, mustard greens.

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