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The Wood Element


       Acupuncture Spring Talk


Free Talk with Reena Zaska - Acupuncturist

Wed, March 13th 2013 at 6pm

The Wood Element

The Tradition of 5 Elements Acupuncture

This talk will explore how the element of wood, within the 5 Element Tradition of Acupuncture, shows how we are set to create new life for ourselves in the new year.


The wood element embraces 2 organs in the body, the liver and the gall bladder.
We are what our organs allow us to be how are yours?
Do you have vision and direction?
Are you able to make good decisions for yourself?
What are your anger levels like?
In this talk you will learn how:
  • To identify your own relationship to the wood element.
  • You will come to understand how each Spring is different, and learn how it affects us.
  • You will discover how to allign yourself to the wood element so that you can maximise your potential.
  • You will look at the season of Spring with a fresh, new perspective.
Reena Zaska trained with the worlds leading authority in 5 Element Acupuncture. She has practised since 1987 and embraces
many healing traditions within the 5 elelment tradition.

She works at Gaia in Forest Row and London.

The workshop will take place at Gaia Natural Health, London Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5EU

Please call Gaia on 01342 822716 to book a place


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