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Water Personality Type

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It takes the shape of whatever contains it, it flows, and it is essential for life. Water can be cold or warm, murky or clear. It has force and power. We are of the Element of Water. We have within us reservoirs, ponds, rivers, seas, oceans of energy and sources of life. The flow of blood, the lymphatic system, the endocrine and urinary fluidity, perspiration, saliva, tears and lactation, are all influenced by the Water Element. We are 78% water.
People who are Water types usually need to live near it. They have either large bones or wide hips, shadowing under their eyes and around their chins, a depth of expression in their look, and either high, rounded foreheads or strong chins.
Truth and spirituality are the values associated with Water.
Water provides reassurance, safety and trust permitting movement into the future. When Water is out of balance it can be difficult to assess risks and reassure the ‘self’.
Likely behaviours
Unwillingness to take risks or avoidance of risks.
Over-anticipation of consequences of future risks.
Undertaking risks or dangerous behaviour without concern for consequences.
Supporting the Element
Look at the future, assess risks, reassure the ‘self’.
To have healthy WATER Element it is necessary to cultivate an energy that is like the winter.
The WATER Element exists in opposition to the FIRE Element and hence is the most internal and concentrated energy in the body. It puts one’s own wellbeing above everything else.
Water is about living our lives almost in secret, since it is not about manifesting or developing any ideas. Instead it simply means to rest, restore, resource and nurture oneself, as happens in nature around us during winter time. It is involved with going back to who we really are – the bare bones or seed or kernel of our lives and to connecting to it. Water is ‘being not doing'.
The following activities help to strengthen the WATER Element within us:
  • Meditation, contemplation, reflection, quiet observation and listening to ourselves.
  • Determination to hold true to our authenticity and that which we truly believe in.
  • Searching for the essence or core in any teaching or philosophy.
  • Letting go of desire.
  • Developing a positive sexual identity and the ability to give and receive affection.
Diet: Chinese diet is a broad subject very worthy of exploring. The Five tastes: Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent/Spicy and Salty are only one way in which food can be classified. It can also be used according to its ‘energetic nature’ i.e. Hot, Warm, Cold, Cool and Natural; or by understanding its direction i.e. Inwards, Outwards, Downwards, Upwards. These qualities can also be affected by the way the food is cooked. Eating habits are very important for proper digestion, so regular meals should be taken with slow and mindful eating, using a variety of food. The quantity of it will also affect how the body processes that food to nourish our body.
Salt is the taste of the Water Element. Salty food regulates and moistens the body, softens muscles and glands and has a detoxifying action. It stimulates our digestive functioning and improves concentration. In excess it can thicken the blood, stress the heart and overtax the kidneys.
Since WATER is all about the essence or the core of life, it is good to eat foods such as seeds, nuts and pulses which are in fact the kernels or seeds of a new plant. WATER is a hidden kind of energy – so it is also good to eat foods that are growing hidden under the ground like the root vegetables. The salty flavour benefits the WATER Element, so vegetables rich in minerals like seaweed are important, as are the bones of animals or fish which can be used to make stock for soups or casseroles.
Millet, Barley, Seaweed, Alfalfa, Globe Artichoke, Soya Sauce, Miso.

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