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Potters Chest Mixture

Potters Chest Mixture is a herbal remedy that is traditionally used to relieve the symptoms of coughs and catarrh (phlegm) from the throat and chest. Potters Chest Mixture has been specially formulated to contain all the right ingredients that work together to quickly loosen the catarrh in your chest making it easier to cough it up so you can enjoy a cough-free day.

How To Use

Adults (all ages): Take two 5ml teaspoonfuls in a third of a cup of warm water three times a day. Children over five: Take half the adult dose.


This is a hot medicine.


Ask your doctor before taking this product. Avoid in early pregnancy. It may be wise to restrict use to after feeds. Contains 5% vol of ethanol and each dose contains up to 1.2g of alcohol. Ingredients Liq ext horehound (1:1 20% alcohol) 0.085ml, liq ext pleurisy root (1:1 35% alcohol) 0.05ml, liq ext senega BP 1980 0.06ml, acid tincture of lobelia (1:12.5 in 5.8% acetic acid) 0.18ml, Acetum scillae BP 0.06ml. Also contains syrup, glycerin, rectified spirit, methyl hydroxybenzoate, cubeb oil, tincture quillaia special, chloroform, fluid extract wild cherry, tincture capsicum, anise oil, propyl hydroxybenzoate and water.


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