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Poem About Gaia-Shop

Gossiping in Gaia


It was a golden afternoon and we

were just three women, gossiping in Gaia,

passing the time of day, discussing

this and that among the herbs and bottles

of the small apothecary shop.


Squeezed around the till we

took up space, filling the room

with chatter and the sunny mellow aura

of the pregnant one in full bloom

of motherhood with her fourth child.


Tall, brown and smiling she was

dressed for coolness and comfort

in loose shorts and a simple top

of russet gold and yellow cream,

reflecting the glow of her skin

and wildly plaited hair.


And she was beautiful - come to buy

raspberry leaf and nettle tea,

the simple tools of natural birth

and the talk was all of honeybees and happiness

and the virtues of fat midwives

with kids of their own

and lots of experience.


I recalled the wise woman

who blessed the day my son was born

by humming songs as she did her work.

She was so big she seemed about to burst

with fruitfulness – it was such a gift

and made my labour easy.


My friend, a bee keeper, described

the curving shell of a large round hive

hanging like a ripened nut

on the slopes of her garden in the sun.

The colony inside its dome

have flourished and their numbers grown.


And the round bump of the unborn child,

nestling in our midst, bounced lightly, danced

and chuckled under the T-shirt top

as we laughed and gossiped

in Gaia, the apothecary shop.

B Desborough 20/09/2013

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