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Nitty Gritty Aromatherapy Repellent Spray

After using Nitty Gritty Head Lice Solution and comb to clear an infestation, it is recommended to use of Nitty Gritty Spray for all the family above the age of two. It's a carefully chosen blend of natural ingredients with a gentle and lovely lavender perfume, that keeps everyone's hair fragranced, soft, shiny de-tangled and in tip-top condition. It's an eco- and family-friendly 250ml atomiser spray that lasts for ages and ages and ages.

Everyone's hair has its own unique aroma – and just like mosquitoes, head lice use their sense of smell to detect the presence of 'new' hair during even very brief head-to-head contact. Our Spray doesn't just keep your hair in great condition, it also messes up their 'radar'; by masking your hair's unique aroma it encourages head lice to stay on their existing host rather than migrate.

Nitty Gritty

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