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Metal Personality Type

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The minerals of the earth provide substance and richness to the soil. Metal is associated with substance, strength and structure. Consider mountain streams and rivulets. The pathways in which they flow are a network formed by the Metal of the Earth. Looking at the vast network of the human body: the structure of being able to take in food and air, to assimilate and utilize the fuel, then to let go of the unnecessary things, these are some life-sustaining aspects of the Element Metal.

Metal people love minimalism. They like blank walls and monochromatic colour schemes because it calms their futuristic minds. They are organized, clean, and contained, living very simply or very regally. Physically, they are fair skinned with small bones, broad shoulders, and prominent cheekbones. Aquiline features, long noses, and carved chins and jaws dominate their face. They give things away easily because they do not like to accumulate things.
Past/Future and aesthetics are the values associated with Metal.
Metal provides recognition, respect, acknowledgement of worth and finding inspiration. When Metal is out of balance it can be difficult to credit the ‘self’ or others, and to feel valued.
Likely behaviours
Experience lack of satisfaction, worth or value.
Exaggerate personal worth through external values.
Supporting the Element
To give to the ‘self’ and receive from others the acknowledgement of worth and ability in all areas e.g. spirituality, socially, physically etc.
To have a healthy Metal Element it is necessary to cultivate an energy that resembles the autumn.
METAL exists in opposition to WOOD. Instead of looking outward it is more directed inwards, looking at our individual actual needs. METAL relates to ‘gathering together’ that which is beneficial to life and survival, and let go of what is superfluous. It encompasses austerity, structure, organization, discipline and making things practical.
The following activities help to strengthen an imbalanced METAL Element:
  • Maintain cooperation with the outside world, yet think about it in relation to what you will internalize, interpret, bring inside of you.
  • Satisfy all your real needs, yet do not take more than you actually need in life.
  • Be prepared to put in effort and have discipline.
  • Maintain organization and structure – make things practical.
  • Work on your physical strength.
Diet: Chinese diet is a broad subject very worthy of exploring. The Five tastes: Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent/Spicy and Salty are only one way in which food can be classified. It can also be used according to its ‘energetic nature’ i.e. Hot, Warm, Cold, Cool and Natural; or by understanding its direction i.e. Inwards, Outwards, Downwards, Upwards. These qualities can also be affected by the way the food is cooked. Eating habits are very important for proper digestion, so regular meals should be taken with slow and mindful eating, using a variety of food. The quantity of it will also affect how the body processes that food to nourish our body.
Spicy/Pungent is the taste of the Metal Element. Spicy food ‘disperses’ stagnation and promotes the circulation of energy and blood. It stimulates digestion and helps to clear phlegm. In excess, the pungent flavour will over-stimulate and exhaust energy (Qi) and blood.
The diet of METAL involves eating mature fruits and vegetables which are falling off the plant or the tree from which they came. Apples and pears which ripen in the autumn are ideal examples. The Spicy/Pungent flavour relating to autumn has an astringent quality that helps to seal the exterior of our body and start to gather the qi inside.
Wheatgerm, Broccoli, Cabbage, Coriander, Fennel bulb, Leek, Parsnip, Pepper, Radish, Cardamom, Caraway, Chillies, most Herbs and Spices, Peppermint, Spirits, Wine.

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