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Five Elements Personality Questionnaire

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water….which element type are you?

Understanding which is your dominant and/or weak Element may help you understand better how to find a balance in your emotional and physical life.

Our journey of self discovery starts when a need for change arises within us, seeking a better state of mind and a healthier body. When we start exploring the way we think and feel, collecting new knowledge and gaining a better understanding of the world and its influences on us, we can then begin to bring about a positive change into our life.

The Chinese Philosophy of the Five Elements is a profound system bringing nature's cycles and wisdom as a mirror of ourselves. Macrocosm (the Universe) is reflected in the Microcosm (Man/us), following the same principles that can lead us into harmony.

A group of acupuncturists* have put together some information for you, from this ancient Chinese system of healing, to help you gain a better understanding and insight into yourself and help your path to better health and harmony in life.

It is created to inspire, inform and open up new directions in which you can understand life within and around you. It should not be relied on for self diagnosis or cure.

How to use the questionnaire:

Start by filling in the questionnaire, depending on the results you can then open the appropriate link to find out more about your dominant and weak Element.

We recommend that you read the 'Introduction to the Five Elements' (see link below) before reading about each Element to give you a better understanding of the Chinese Philosophy of the Five Elements.

Have fun and enjoy opening this door!


Follow these links to fill in the questionnaire and find out your results:

The Questionnaire

Wood Personality Type

Fire Personality Type

Earth Personality Type

Metal Personality Type

Water Personality Type

The Five Elements - Explained 

Five Element Correspondence Chart



*Been put together by Galit and Rob Hughes, Simon Casciano, Harry Sweetman and Kim Underhill all members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)

With special thanks to The Ashdown Acupuncture Group.




Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold Between Heaven and Earth

Lillian Pearl Bridges

Dianne M. Connelly Traditional Acupuncture: The law of the Five Elements

Daverick Leggett A Guide to Traditional Chinese Food Energetics

Angela Hicks, John Hicks, Peter Mole Five Elements Constitutional Acupuncture

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