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Female Essence

For when your system needs some tender loving care, this gentle blend eases anxiety, tension and frustration thereby restoring balance during the natural cycles of life.
Do you have to be superwoman?
Finding it difficult to cope?
Are you all things to all people?
Finding the natural cycles of life a challenge?
Tired or Tense? Can't cope?
Need some space?


Tinctures of the flowers of Cherry Plum, Olive, Crab Apple, Pomegranate, Walnut, Water Violet, Scleranthus, Morning Glory, Impatiens and Copper Beech in equal amounts.

Olive for extreme tiredness and exhaustion, a common symptom, brings strength.
Cherry Plum tension headaches, out of control feelings, inability to cope and anxiety, brings calm and ease.
Pomegranate can be helpful for all female physical problems; enhancing feelings of security and nurturing, and aiding acceptance of femininity.
Walnut gives protection at vulnerable times; also regulates the system.
Water Violet helps a woman to keep a sense of personal space yet still remain connected with others.
Scleranthus for mood swings, clumsiness and indecisiveness, a common problem, helps one to stay centred.
Morning Glory reduces the need for stimulants, another common symptom.
Impatiens for feelings of irritation and impatience, also ideal for tension, brings patience, calm and understanding.
Copper Beech for the vagueness so common with women at such times. Clearing and energising it creates a feeling of space around you, giving security and grounding.

How To Use
There are times when it’s not that much fun being a woman. You need to get away and have some time to yourself. This Essence can't make demands of home and family disappear, but it can make things more bearable, giving much needed strength and calmness when there is anxiety and tension. It also helps to keep you on a more even keel, particularly during your natural cycles.

Take five drops in a little water three times a day, starting before symptoms arise, and then take continuously for at least two months or until natural cycles are more comfortable. If particularly stressed, use at intervals up to six times daily.

Also ideal as a support for the more mature woman undergoing major life changes.


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