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Earth Personality Type

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Mother Earth she has been called, from whom we get nourishment, support, and life. The Earth is round, therefore all roundness and contours, circles and cycles signify the Earth. Earth is special among all the Elements, because she is the source of them, the centre from which they arise. Harmony in the Earth means human beings are connected; feeling ourselves to be an integral part of life, gently balanced and centred within, interacting and connected without.
People who have the Earth Element dominant in their constitution will have rounded limbs and soft flesh. They are warm, kind, and look huggable. Earth women look like earth mothers, even when slim, and the men look like big bears. They have plump cheeks and generous mouths. They like to collect things and invariably have knick-knacks around the house.
Helping and stability are the values associated with Earth.
Earth personality types have issues and difficulties with feeling supported, or getting nourishment from others.
Earth provides mental clarity, support, nourishment and stability. When Earth is out of balance it can be difficult to realise or satisfy one’s own needs, or the needs of others.
Likely behaviours
Over-helping/lack of helping others.
Anxiety or over-concern about own needs being met.
Supporting the Element
Getting support from inside and supporting the ‘self’ from outside.
To maintain a healthy EARTH it is necessary to have a stable and supportive centre from which we can carry out our daily activities – and it is also important for giving us the capacity to accommodate any changes in our lives, without ‘losing’ ourselves (our centre/stability) in the process.
The Earth Element is the force which allows us to nourish ourselves whilst at the same time helping us to look after others too. EARTH is the cohesion which allows all the other Elements to operate in a smooth, harmonious and integrated way.
The following activities help to strengthen the EARTH Element within us:
  • Working hard, but not to excess. (i.e. resting before you get too tired).
  • Developing in ourselves a positive identity and the ability to display our individuality to others without boasting.
  • Using our mental capacities (intellect/memory) but without fatigue or overdoing it.
- Cultivating commitment, patience and faith and the willingness to take on responsibility.
Diet: Chinese diet is a broad subject very worthy of exploring. The Five tastes: Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent/Spicy and Salty are only one way in which food can be classified. It can also be used according to its ‘energetic nature’ i.e. Hot, Warm, Cold, Cool and Natural; or by understanding its direction i.e. Inwards, Outwards, Downwards, Upwards. These qualities can also be affected by the way the food is cooked. Eating habits are very important for proper digestion, so regular meals should be taken with slow and mindful eating, using a variety of food. The quantity of it will also affect how the body processes that food to nourish our body
Sweet is the taste of the Earth Element. Sweet food is mildly stimulating for the circulation, is very nourishing and strengthening which benefits dryness in the body. In excess it can lead to the formation of phlegm and often heat.
The diet to support the EARTH Element needs to have some sweet flavoured food, but this does not mean sugar! The ‘sweet’ flavour implied here is more the rather bland sweet flavour.
Most grains especially millet, aubergine, beetroot, carrot, marrow, spinach, sweet potatoes, many funguses, many fruit, most beans, most nuts & seeds, salmon, tuna, most meat, most dairy, pumpkins, squashes, melons, marrows and root vegetables.

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