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Baby Massage Book, A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide By Galit Hughes

Galit Hughes is an acupuncturist and massage therapist who has taught baby massage workshops to many parents. This lovely little book is composed largely of excellent photos with straightforward text that clearly illustrate a full range of techniques.

Chapters cover general principles, varieties of massage oils, treatment of specific problems such as coughs, colds, colic pain, teething, sleep problems etc., basic massage strokes and techniques, how to massage the different regions of the body, and gymnastics for babies and toddlers.

''This is an excellent book! A clear, concise guide with beautifully presented photographs, I would recommend it to all parents interested in deepening the bond with their children in both a loving and therapeutic way. With just a little time and application, it is possible to learn simple skills whereby your baby or child can be enabled to feel good in his or her body as well as benefiting from the alleviation of straightforward symptoms such as a cold or colic. For parents this can be immensely rewarding and empowering, knowing that you are more equipped to respond to your child's needs, both emotional and physical''. Diane Jonec BAc.Acupuncturist, body worker and mother


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