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About Supplements

From conception to birth and beyond, the health of all multi-cellular organisms relies on the presence of a wide range of vitamins and minerals, many in large part obtained from a normal

healthy diet, and others generated by unexpected factors including sunshine (Vitamin D) and gut flora (Vitamin K and biotin).

The correct intake of vitamins and minerals is essential to efficiently process the chemical energy provided by food, but this can be compromised by lowering food standards and unhealthy lifestyles.

‘Primary’ deficiencies may occur when a suitable variety, quantity and/or quality of food is unavailable. ‘Secondary’ deficiencies are caused by ‘lifestyle factors’ such as caffeine, smoking, excessive alcohol and the use of certain medications. An underlying health disorder may also prevent or limit vitamin and mineral absorption.

At Gaia we stock a wide range of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids and omega oils as well as superfoods, iron supplements, herbal juices and elixirs.

We source high quality products from ethical companies that promote the highest standards, such as Solgar, Viridian, Biocare, A.Vogal and Higher Nature. We also stock smaller companies such as Seagreens and Optibac.

Please contact us directly if you cannot find what you require on our website, or to take advice from our experts.

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